What Caused Dow’s Bad Streak and Will the Selling Continue?

What Caused Dow’s Bad Streak and Will the Selling Continue

U.S. stocks on Monday fell for a third straight session, as the Dow Jones industrial average lost another 223 points. It’s a bad streak that started with Dow’s worst day of viagra online 2014 when the industrial average plunged 334 points on Thursday.

Until Wednesday, everything seemed fine, better than fine actually, because the Dow was just 2 points below its record high in September. But the Dow suddenly lost 700 points in the last three sessions and it looks set for more losses.

What happened?

Independent investment columnist Anthony Mirhaydari says that “the meme that has supported this bull market and economic recovery — the idea that nothing bad would happen as long as central banks were providing cheap money stimulus — is beginning

to crumble.”

He points to several reasons including the fact that the world economy, excluding the United States, has hit a wall. http://viagraonline-rxpharmacy.com/ Europe and

its economic powerhouse, Germany, are in a very buy online cialis bad shape, while Japan is still struggling with its massive 227% national debt-to-GDP ratio. Viagra Extra Dosage online In the United States, as the Fed is slowly bringing its unprecedented economic stimulus to an end, the dollar rallied. All Viagra info this, Mirhaydari says, “has crushed” commodities.

To see why Mirhaydari expects the selling to continue, read his full article here.