The Unlikely Beneficiaries of Fed’s Stimulus

Aside from inflating the value of stocks of Fortune 500 companies, who do you think benefited the most from the Federal Reserve’s massive $4 trillion economic stimulus known as Quantitative Easing? Well, it’s cialis ad not America’s struggling middle class – it’s foreign banks.

Zero Hedge found two charts demonstrating this.

The chart below shows how the $1.3 trillion vardenafil snovitra-20 pumped into “the economy”

by the Fed over the past 6 years Tadacip online ended up into the pockets of foreign banks, mostly big European banks like Deutsche Benemid Bank.

Fed QE3 Bank Cash Change_0

The second chart compares the amount of stimulus cash different banks received during the same period:

Cash Holdings Change Foreign_0

With over $700 billion in

extra cash in their reserves, foreign banks are definitely the winners.

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And The Biggest Beneficiary Of QE3 Is…