Steve Forbes Criticizes the Fed for Undermining the Dollar and Reiterates Support for Gold Standard

Steve Forbes

Publisher Steve Forbes criticized the Fed for undermining the dollar and once is there a generic for viagra again expressed his support for the gold standard.

“The Fed is still sinning,” he said in an interview for gold and silver dealer Birch Gold Group. “The Fed will stop the Quantitative Easing, but what is disturbing is that they are going to still keep all the bonds that they bought…and those excess reserves are still an overhang and using viagra they’re still working to undermine the dollar.”

“Bernanke was a disaster…he hurt the economic

recovery,” he said. Janet Yellen “needs to go to re-education camp. She has learned nothing and won’t because she has a PhD, spare her a lot of years in the system.”

Forbes believes that a gold standard would prevent the Fed from printing money in excess. He had suggested before that we should restore the dollar by pegging it back to gold – something that, according to Forbes, could be achieved by fixing the dollar to the price of gold.

“Gold maintains its intrinsic value better than anything else on Earth, and that’s for 4,000 years,” Forbes said. “And when you see the dollar price fluctuate around gold, that means the dollar is either weakening or peoples’ perceptions about the dollar are changing.”

“The gold standard is very simple to do,” Forbes said. “Say we fix the ratio at $1,300 to an ounce of gold.

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So if it went above $1,300, the Fed would stop the printing. If it goes below $1,300, it would cialis print to keep it, keep it within range.”

He said that the Fed doesn’t like the gold standard because they have a vested interest in currency instability.


Birch Gold Group interview

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Image by Gage Skidmore