Simple Measures to Opening a Precious Metals IRA

gold coins and a lockDoes your retirement plan include a precious metals IRA? If not, setting up an account can protect your investments. The process is easy.

If you are a first-time investor, or you are a seasoned stock-market guru, a precious metals IRA may benefit you. No matter your financial goals, the first step for every investor should be contacting a reputable precious metals specialist. A knowledgeable company like Birch Gold Group will be able to assist you in setting up an account. With our expertise, you can feel secure in your investment choices while taking advantage of every aspect of your retirement account.

The essential steps to

open a precious metals IRA are listed below. We have also listed are some things you may anticipate throughout the entire process of opening an IRA.


Roll your current 401k or IRA to your precious metals IRA.
Qualified 401k or IRA accounts may be transferred and put into a precious metals

IRA. Your savings may be invested in gold, silver, platinum or palladium. Contingent on your specific retirement goals, you have the choice to change part, or all of your 401k or original IRA to a precious metals IRA. If you are interested in making a change, the experts at Birch Gold Group will take your through the entire procedure.

First time? We have you covered.
A specialist at Birch Gold Group will advise you on the steps of opening a new account, and they will provide you with the necessary paperwork to complete the process. Birch Gold Group is a trusted company with some of the country’s top precious metals specialists, so you can rest assured knowing your account will be handled with utmost professionalism.

Choose the precious metals that suit you.
Selecting your investments is the next step, whether you are rolling over funds from past IRA or 401k accounts or you are opening an IRA for the first time. There is a vast selection of precious metals approved for an IRA, which include bullion and proof coins. If the selection process seems overwhelming, a professional from Birch Gold Group will educate you on your options and help you choose the right investments based on your retirement goals.

Beware of caps on contributions.
Tax laws prevent your from exceeding contribution limits on your retirement accounts. A precious metals specialist can help you determine any new investments to add to your account annually, and how to better diversify your portfolio over time.

Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau, Birch Gold Group is a leading precious metals company. We are experts in precious metals and provide our clients with a robust selection of precious metals for placement within an IRA. Regardless of your investment expertise, Birch Gold Group can help you protect your assets against the declining value of the dollar and stock market instability.